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If you’ve ever lived with constant pain or anxiety, then you know just how terrible it can be.  And don’t even get me started if you have both.  You’ve got your hands full.  That’s why adding in a chemical to the mix can really screw things up.  Modern techniques for managing or alleviating pain and anxiety can have harmful side effects.  While some people go for the medical marijuana to get relief, it’s not an option (or even desirable) for a lot of people.  They want the benefits, not the high.  That’s where CBD comes in. Healthy Bloom CBD is a proven supplement that can get you real, tangible results with anxiety, and even chronic pain. †

The secret to Healthy Bloom CBD is that it’s able to give people the benefits of medical marijuana, but without all the THC that causes the euphoric high that weed gives.  That’s because the THC has been naturally bred out of the plant, not because it was genetically engineered. So if you want relief from pain that you experience in your day to day life, and you want to try something natural to avoid the perils of prescription pain pills, then you’re going to want to try Healthy Bloom CBD. †  Click the banner to get started!

Why Buy Healthy Bloom CBD?

We hear a lot from people who want to try CBD, and the number one thing they ask is “does it work?”  The answer isn’t as simple as yes or no.  It depends on what you need it for.  If you want it for anything more serious than anxiety or inflammation-related pain relief, then you’re looking at the wrong product.  The purpose of CBD for users is to provide relief in those areas.  But if you’re asking why you should use HealthyBloom CBD over another CBD product, then we’ll point to the process.  The product is organic, naturally sourced, and formulated to be the most pure, effective CBD oil on the market.

Using CBD – The Benefits

  • Natural, No High
  • Great For Anxiety Relief †
  • Works Well On Inflammation †
  • No Prescription, No Doctors
  • Non-habit forming

How To Use Healthy Bloom CBD Oil

This is the fun part.  While a lot of us boring folks will just use it as advised, as a sub-lingual drop.  There are all kinds of ways to use it, and the only real limit is your imagination.  Think smoothies, protein shakes, soups, porridge, chia seed concoctions.  The world is your cbd oil-ster.  Sorry, that one was pretty bad.   Our favorite way to use CBD oil is to put it in our morning protein shake/smoothie.  Here’s a quick recipe.

  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • 1 full banana, frozen
  • ¼ tsp Healthy Bloom CBD Oil
  • ½ Cup Coffee
  • 2 cups water/milk

Put that together in a blender, and work it until it’s smooth to drink.  We think you’ll like this one.  It accentuates the nutty taste of the cbd oil, (or hides it if you don’t like the taste). 

Studies On CBD Oil

Everybody wants to know that the supplement they’re using is backed by real, tangible science.  CBD, luckily, has a lot of scientific literature out there to support its efficacy.  In one study done in 2012, researchers looked at 30 years of translational information to get a feel for the effects of cannabidiol on mental disorders like psychosis and schizophrenia.  They found that the properties of CBD, while not fully understood, offered a tantalizing possibility for future research and other applications.

In one survey done by forbes, they found that people 80% of people who used cbd found it to be very effective. 

As you can see, the evidence stacks up.  CBD works for a lot of people, and in a variety of ways.  While scientists are only now unlocking the full potential and mystery of CBD, there is a lot of hope surrounding this miraculous oil.

How To Order Healthy Bloom CBD

Right now, the only way to order Healthy Bloom CBD tincture is through the company itself.  While a lot of companies offer trial programs, Healthy Bloom CBD found those trial offers to be somewhat burdensome.  Instead, they’ve opted for a direct sales method that allows users to buy a bottle without any strings.  The price tag is a little more expensive than some cbd oil tinctures on the market, but considering the quality and efficacy, we’ve found it to be an accurate portrayal of the value.  But enough of our yapping, we’re sure you’re ready to start your order.  If you’re ready, grab your purse or wallet and click the link below.  You’ll fill out some basic info to see if it’s legal to send it to you in your state, then you’ll fill out the payment info.  Click the banner to get started.

Healthy Bloom CBD Oil

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Healthy Bloom CBD, or CBD in general?  We’re happy to talk.  We’re far from experts, just enthusiasts.  But we love talking about cbd, so give us a jingle.  Our number is…wait, what do you mean we don’t have a number?  We have to have a contact us page, right?  Oh, ok, well that’s better then.  Reach out to us at our contact us page to start a dialogue.  Or, read the questions below to see if they’ve already been answered.

Does CBD Make You High?

Nope! CBD oil is a variation of Cannabis that allows for the benefits of CBD to shine through, but not the high.  That’s because the TCH has been selectively bred out of the cannabis plant they’re using.  Without the THC, you’re not getting the euphoric high that marijuana users experience.

Is CBD Safe?

It’s as safe as olive oil, seriously.  It’s just an oil made form hemp seed, and it’s as natural as it comes.  While there is always a concern for contaminants in cbd oil, the company doesn’t give us any indication that they’ll be a problem in that way.

How is CBD Oil Made?

CBD oil is made through a variety of ways.  The most common, and the one we think Healthy Bloom CBD is using, is called cold-press.  It’s the same way that we get olive oil.

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